Strategies for Tagging Your Moving Boxes

All of us will packaging and moving to a different place as a very tough task. It’s much better to plan everything beforehand as staying organized will decrease a good deal of stress and insanity.

A excellent way to do so is to present structural organization during your house shifting. You can do it by using a fool proof labeling system as soon as you’ve packed the cardboard boxes. It doesn’t occupy much time but will keep you stress-free on moving day in addition to when you finally need to unpack.

Here are a few top 4 strategies for tagging your moving cardboard boxes for the big moment.

Keep The Tagging Tools Handy

Get the under listed stationary for labeling the boxes. The basic thing that you need for tagging the moving boxes are 2-3 permanent markers. Get thick tip ones. Make sure they are of great quality and brand. Avoid purchasing the least expensive mark, you can use this to write on tools for a different purpose when the moving is done. Purchase at least 4-5 different color set of markets. You can use various colors to label different room possessions. This will make the unpacking simple. You can’t forecast the weather on a moving day, it’s always best to prepare for rain ahead of time. Constantly use waterproof marker pens to prevent smudging of the tag. You might also like to find some scotch tape.

Color Codes are Key Weapons

The best possible way to label the boxes is with a color coding system. This idea is effective in addition to easy enough to follow. Pick a color for every room and use it before the final box is packed!
Eg. If you opt for the colour red for living room use the red market and indicate all of the cardboard boxes in the dwelling with reddish color. You could even compose living room onto them and cite the precise content of each cardboard box.

Follow The Old Number Technique

Another fantastic way to tag cardboard boxes are to use numbers along with color coding. You wouldn’t call for any marker to write down the content of each box, it is going to save a whole lot of time. You can assign a unique number to each container and prepare a master inventory list. The list will include the material of each cardboard box. Do not lose the master inventory list, else all your efforts will be in vain. It’s much better to maintain 2-3 copies of this list in different location. It is also possible to picture the listing so that it remains in your cellphone!

Method to Label The Moving Boxes

It is possible to label the boxes depending on your convenience, but make sure to label the top and sides, both of the cardboard boxes. Make sure that the writing is readable and visible. With a packaging tape over the label is the best way to attach them to the moving boxes. As soon as you’ve packed the box with fragile and breakable things, it is must to indicate “Handle with caution or Fragile” with large fonts or red color so as to draw attention of any person who possibly handling it.

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